March 27, 2020 — New York, NY

Free resources include tracks of specially curated content, relevant webinars, live weekly yoga, self-help articles from experts, and more.

Today, leading digital mental health company, Happify Health, announced the availability of a variety of free resources to help people manage stress and worry amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, including exclusive new content tracks, a webinar to help juggle work and homelife responsibilities, weekly yoga via Facebook live, self-help articles with insights from experts, and more.

Three tracks of specially curated content will be accessible to everyone at no cost by visiting The first, “Managing Stress in Uncertain Times,” is a brand new content track specifically designed to address the challenges people are facing as a result of our current global crisis. Authored by positive psychology coach Derrick Carpenter, this new track helps people manage the stress and worry felt during this tumultuous period and find moments of joy, gratitude, and connection in a challenging time. “Managing Stress in Uncertain Times” is a four-week track that uses a mix of evidence-based modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, mindfulness and more.

Happify Health has also unlocked two additional tracks at no cost for everyone to access, including "Feel More Connected to Others,” authored by positive psychology leader and research scientist Barbara Frederickson, Ph.D., which offers new lenses for seeing and more fully appreciating micro-moments of connection. Her track will help people create new opportunities to connect during this period of social distancing, paving the way to healthier, more fulfilling relationships. “Stop the Worry Cycle,” has also been made available to help people ease the anxiety induced by their worries and fight back against negative thoughts during this unprecedented time.

To address the challenges many are facing with working remotely while also juggling homelife responsibilities, Happify Health is also offering a free webinar accessible to all titled, “How to Stay Positive and Resilient While Working From Home,” at 1:00pm ET on Tuesday, April 7th. Led by workplace coach and positive psychology expert, Stella Grizont, the one-hour webinar will discuss:

  • 3 strategies to stay focused, organized and connected

  • How to create healthy boundaries between your work and home life

  • Easy evidence-based practices to maintain positivity and stay resilient

Anyone interested in attending the free webinar can register here:

“We felt it was our duty to offer free tools to anyone and everyone who needs help managing the stress and feelings of uncertainty during this rapidly changing landscape, especially with the social isolation we’re all experiencing during this long period of quarantine,” said Ofer Leidner, Co-Founder and President at Happify Health. “We’ve quickly created a brand new track specifically designed to address the challenges people are experiencing right now, and are offering it on a complimentary basis so that everyone can get support when and where they need it, without leaving their home.”

“In these trying times, moments of sincere, heartfelt connection are ever more important to cultivate and cherish,” said Barbara Frederickson, Ph.D., positive psychology leader and author of the ‘Feel More Connected to Others’ track. “My hope is that now, in these pandemic times, by making this track freely available, people will be inspired to discover, or rediscover, moments of true connection.”

Each Thursday at 5pm ET, Happify is giving people an opportunity to stretch and de-stress with a free one-hour yoga session with instructor Shelby Elsbree via Facebook Live. All levels are welcome to participate and can join at

Happify Health is also offering self-help resources from experts, including a recently published article titled, “5 Ways to Care for Your Mental Health During Coronavirus,” with insights from experts including world-renowned meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg, a sleep coach, and mental health professionals. Happify Health will continue releasing additional relevant tips and resources for users in the coming weeks.

Happify Health Solutions, Happify’s enterprise business, is providing its customers with extra support materials to help their clients’ employees and members manage during this global crisis, including email newsletters, tips sheets and text message copy for distribution, as well as access to the new “Managing Stress in Uncertain Times” track. Happify Health’s enterprise customers include three of the five largest payers in the US, including Cigna, several Fortune 500 companies and some of the largest tech brands in the world. Through these partnerships, 12 million individuals across the globe have access to Happify Health’s tools.

Because managing stress and emotional health are global challenges, Happify is available in eight languages, including English, Spanish, Standard French, Canadian French, Portuguese, German, Chinese and Japanese.

As an evidence and scientifically-based platform, Happify Health’s tools have been validated through randomized controlled trials and extensive optimization that demonstrates both its efficacy and its high level of user engagement. A published randomized controlled trial found a 25% reduction in both the symptoms of anxiety and depression for those using Happify, when compared with an active comparison condition, psychoeducation, used as directed by this study. In addition, a randomized experimental trial recently published in JMIR Serious Gaming, "Biofeedback via a Smartphone App on Stress Recovery," found that users of the Happify mobile app’s Breather activity recovered 10% more effectively from stress than those in the other conditions. Happify’s Breather activity trains users through gamified biofeedback to adjust and regulate their heart rate variability (HRV) to calm their body.

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Happify Health is a LifeTech company that delivers digital therapeutics and innovative care delivery models to improve mental and physical health. As a leader in digital therapeutic solutions, Happify Health’s safe, effective digital tools use scientific research from positive psychology, CBT and mindfulness, combined with a gamified approach and leading-edge technology, to impact everyday lives. Happify Health's clinically-validated platform provides global access to one of the most comprehensive, evidence-based intervention catalog that is available from science, resulting in better health and business outcomes for organizations. For more information, visit


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