February 9, 2021 — New York, NY

Castilian Spanish and Italian are the latest languages to launch.

Happify Health, a global connected healthcare platform to improve mental and physical health, today announced the localization of their platform for Castilian Spanish and Italian, bringing the total number of language offerings to 10—more than any other digital mental health platform on the market. Languages currently offered on the Happify Health platform include English, French, Canadian French, Chinese, Japanese, Castilian Spanish, Latin-American Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Italian.

In order to make the biggest impact for users of the platform around the world, Happify Health works in tandem with in-culture psychology experts, practitioners and translators when localizing Happify to ensure all content is scientifically faithful and culturally appropriate for each language region. Each language version includes Happify’s core tracks, meditations, assessments, articles, infographics, videos and games, and a community feature. In addition to linguistic changes, cultural nuances such as localized accents, regional-specific images of people and places, food and lifestyle, pop culture references, and customs are also taken into account. This attention to detail allows for a more personalized experience on Happify so users are fully engaged and getting the most out of their time on the platform.

Happify Health’s global connected healthcare platform combines digital therapeutics and care delivery solutions to improve mental and physical health using scientific research from positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness joined with leading technology and a gamified approach to positively impact lives. Happify Health offers a multi-channel suite of products for employers, health plans, pharmaceutical companies and consumers. Current customers include four out of the five national health plans, three of the top five global tech brands, and several global pharma companies. The Happify Health platform has been used by more than four million people all over the world, and now covers over 19 million people in the U.S. today.

“Companies today struggle to provide mental health support for their full population—whether that's a global or a diverse, multilingual U.S.-based workforce. The mental health crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has created an even greater need for effective, accessible mental health tools that have been localized to address the different ways stigma and mental well-being play out across different cultures and countries,” said Patrick Burke, Head of Healthcare at Happify Health. "At Happify Health, we not only help our clients meet an individual's needs—regardless of where they live—we can also meet the needs of the organization by quickly deploying our solution (within a few weeks) to bring immediate support to the entire population as well as reporting to measure the impact.”

“In adapting the Happify platform into new languages, we strive to give people a seamless experience that is personalized for them, no matter where they are in the world. Our top priority is for our users to feel that our content is relevant and relatable—incorporating the nuances of their language and culture—so they can get the most out of their experience,” said Tiffany Sun, Chief Content Officer at Happify Health. “With each new language, our dedicated localization teams perform a comprehensive review before adapting the content for a specific audience, whether it’s a 28-day guided meditation track or an evidence-based game. We always aim to ensure that we’re offering a culturally appropriate experience while maintaining scientific fidelity.”

Happify Health plans to continue expanding its global offerings to additional languages to ensure everyone around the world has access to mental health tools personalized for their region. At the same time, it will continue to build a robust catalog of content and programs in existing languages, with a growing focus on chronic conditions and mindfulness.

Happify Health believes that user engagement is critical to achieving both personal and organizational results and has developed highly optimized practices for engagement and retention. When clients use Happify Health’s best practices, they are able to achieve 20%-30% activation and 60% continued retention at 2 months and 40% retention at 12 months.

About Happify Health

Happify Health is a global healthcare platform that combines digital therapeutics and care delivery solutions to improve mental and physical health. Incorporating advanced AI, Happify Health’s effective, evidence-based connected platform uses scientific research from positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness, combined with a gamified approach and leading-edge technology, to positively impact everyday lives. Happify Health’s unique end-to-end, personalized approach emphasizes the mind-body connection and implements meaningful behavior change to address the stress, anxiety and depression that is often comorbid for people living with chronic conditions. The platform offers a multi-channel suite of products for employers, health plans, pharmaceutical companies and consumers. Available in 10 languages, Happify Health's science-led, clinically-validated platform provides access to a comprehensive intervention catalog, delivering better health outcomes by design.