April 14, 2020 — New York, NY

A science-backed mental health engagement hub for employers and health plans, Happify Connect™ offers individuals the right mental health care solution at the right time.

Today, Happify Health announced the launch of Happify Connect™, a new screening and referral hub that makes it easier for employees and health plan members to immediately access the mental health support they need from the security of their own homes. With the increasing demand for remote self-care, Happify Connect powers an experience that gives global employers and health plans the ability to deliver a unified, cohesive ecosystem of mental health solutions that address a variety of needs for differing severity levels. Happify Connect is a first line of engagement screening and referral solution that helps employers and health plans optimize their care strategies, reduce disengagements during care, improve overall outcomes and reduce cost of care by leveraging digital innovation.

“Happify Connect serves a critical need for a faster, more seamless approach to getting people to the right mental health support at the right time. Especially during this global pandemic, our digital platform can be accessed 24/7 from the safety of your home, meeting the increased global demand for remote care. We are able to effectively screen and refer individuals to the best level of care for them,” said Patrick Burke, Head of Healthcare at Happify Health. “Our integrated approach means that we have opened up entirely new ways to personalize and optimize the path to care for our employers and health plans.”

Based on a clinical assessment and pre-defined triggers, Happify Connect directs individuals to the best available mental health resources, whenever they need it. From self-guided tools within the Happify platform, to higher-touch care through integrated partners such as online therapy and a mental health provider directory, Happify Connect is able to deliver the right level of support.

Happify Connect’s API can be easily integrated with other individual employer and health plan mental health solutions. “Our goal is to help our partners improve the efficacy, utilization and overall performance of their mental health solutions by offering them methodology, technology and a path to think about an ecosystem approach,’” added Burke, “We have introduced this solution to several best-in-class companies who are now collaborating with us to deliver on that vision.”

Digital technology healthcare company, Talkspace, is Happify Connect's first featured partner. Talkspace's signature product provides psychotherapy services with a dedicated licensed clinician through its secure, HIPAA-compliant digital platform.

"Our relationship with Happify Health is a win-win for clients," said Mark Hirschhorn, Talkspace President and COO. "We believe our relationship will make it easier for people to build a custom care model that best reflects their personal preferences and needs."

“Talkspace is a great fit and complementary partner to our ‘Connect’ solution," said Tomer Ben-Kiki, Co-Founder and CEO, Happify Heath. "Together, we bring best-in-class native digital mental health services to one platform, advancing our mission to improve care offerings for employers and health plans."

According to the CDC, one in five Americans will experience a mental illness within a given year, yet 70% never seek treatmentThe World Health Organization tells us that people affected by emergency situations, such as the global COVID-19 pandemic, experience immediate psychological distress, hopelessness, and sleep issues, and that 22% of people are expected to develop depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

With its breakthrough approach to engagement and behavior, Happify Health helps remove barriers to getting help, such as access, stigma and cost challenges, resulting in more individuals receiving care sooner. Happify Health’s consumer-centric experience is highly personalized, fun and engaging. It’s designed to fit into an individual’s life when and how they want it, on their own terms, increasing self-care behavior and driving outcomes.

Happify Health blends scientific research from positive psychology, CBT and mindfulness with a gamified approach. Individuals are first guided through a friendly onboarding assessment to help them find the support that will best fit their mental health needs and goals. The onboarding covers demographics, employment and relationship status, as well as a clinically-based mental health assessment to help determine the severity of their needs. Based on the results, Happify Connect helps the user decide on the recommended therapeutic journey, whether that’s using the Happify platform for self-guided care, Talkspace or another partner for online therapeutics, or offering up a platform to search for an in-person therapist.

About Happify Health

Happify Health is a LifeTech company that delivers digital therapeutics and innovative care delivery models to improve mental and physical health. As a leader in digital therapeutic solutions, Happify Health’s safe, effective digital tools use scientific research from positive psychology, CBT and mindfulness, combined with a gamified approach and leading-edge technology, to impact everyday lives. Happify Health's clinically-validated platform provides global access to one of the most comprehensive, evidence-based intervention catalog that is available from science, resulting in better health and business outcomes for organizations. For more information, visit www.happifyhealth.com.