2022 so far feels less like a new year and more like a rerun of 2021, as employers grapple with ongoing safety and connection challenges facing their teams amid the surging Omicron variant. Many are seeking ways to continue fostering a sense of community in a remote or hybrid workplace.

Some news outlets are claiming a full return to the office will never happen. While that remains to be seen, the days of impromptu watercooler chats or lunch break meetings are gone for now, so employers must come up with new team-building strategies and creative ways to create camaraderie among colleagues.

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Supporting Behavioral Health Can Alleviate Return-to-Work Concerns

At this point in the pandemic, many new hires may only know their coworkers from virtual meetings, and may be siloed in their roles and small teams. It can be overwhelming for managers and frustrating for employees who are feeling increasingly isolated and burned out

Behavioral Health Tactics

This recent The Upside article by LaShieka Hunter tackles this issue head on. Hunter offers tips for dealing with shifting timelines and quotes a number of experts, including Thea Gallagher, a clinical psychologist and co-host of Mind in View, a mental health podcast.

TL;DR: While it’s human nature to crave routine, it is possible to learn to cope—and even thrive—in states of unpredictability. Strategies range from using behavioral health strategies to shift your mindset and creating more structure in your day to adopting a gratitude practice.

Read the full article here to learn how to get more comfortable with uncertainty and excel in your work environment, whatever it looks like, in the year ahead.