Chris Wasden, Head of Twill's Pharma Specialty Solutions and Corporate Strategy, explains how Twill’s Intelligent Healing delivers Precision Care.

There is a need to usher in a new era of care, one that better connects the body and mind and shortens the growing distance between need and care. At Twill, we call this Intelligent Healing and we deliver it by configuring personalized digital therapeutics and care solutions to deliver each person the care they need.


Intelligent Healing starts with the science of changing behavior, delivered via an integrated clinical-grade technology platform that seamlessly connects patients to the care they need, when they need it, in the way they want.

We use a richer set of data to give a more realistic view of the whole person and therapeutic AI to personalize care journeys at scale. This enables care to be delivered more precisely with greater velocity and higher quality.

We deploy evidence-based non-prescription and prescription digital therapeutics, and supportive, clinically-moderated communities. The foundation is Therapeutic Media: behavioral health interventions that have been adapted into engaging media formats (activities, games, articles, videos, and immersive experiences). 

Intelligent Healing drives better outcomes and can unlock new value across all stakeholders. Perhaps most importantly, it has the potential to usher in a new era of care: one that is simpler, more connected, hyper-personal, and responsive.


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