Meet Anna, a rockstar photographer living with MS, who’s bringing a new perspective to living with the disease.

Life after MS diagnosis may never be the same—but what does diagnosis bring into focus? To launch Twill Care for MS, we teamed up with celebrated photographer Anna Webber for a photoshoot centered around real people living with the disease. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 23, Anna’s experience has given her a different perspective on life, and a chance to see things in a new light. “[My diagnosis] made me realize [the importance of] setting [myself] up to succeed as much as possible… and realizing you’re not totally in control, but you can control what you can, and that’s the best you can do.” 


Anna’s is just one of the inspiring stories we’ll be celebrating in the Twill Talent Showcase, a new video series that highlights the capabilities and talents of the people with whom we partner—who are also integral to the communities we engage. By portraying the resilience and unique insights that come from first-hand experience, this new series is meant to inspire communities from within, while providing a platform and voice to the people we serve. 

As a member of the MS community, Anna carries not only an impressive portfolio, but also a deeply personal connection to her work—and an uncanny ability to highlight the beauty of the diverse MS population. A celebrity, music, and fashion photographer who has worked with Willie Nelson, Beck, and Philip Glass, among others, Anna’s photography has appeared in Rolling Stone, Vogue, Billboard, GQ, WSJ, and more. Through the power of portrait, she tells deeply personal stories with purpose and poise, leveraging her unique perspective as someone diagnosed with MS to elevate, empower, and empathize with others who share her experience. To prepare for our Kopa for MS shoot in LA, Anna engaged personally with the cast, getting to know their stories, and sharing her own. Through her lens, she conveys the emotional, physical, and mental challenges that accompany this complex and often misunderstood condition, bringing the complexity of the disease into focus and shining a renewed, optimistic light on a life-changing diagnosis. 

The showcase will be a way to amplify voices like Anna’s and to illustrate that while everyone’s experience of a diagnosis may be different, the need to connect and to feel understood is universal. “I hope that this project brings awareness [as well as] a sense of normalcy and acceptance.” Anna, we couldn’t agree more. 

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