Twill's VP of Quality and Regulatory Affairs speaks on Reshaping the Future of Clinical Trials for Digital Therapeutics.


The therapeutic industry has relied on clinical trials as its tried and true method for evaluating efficacy for decades. However, in the new age of digital health, these trials are proving to be less efficient. How do we, as an industry, transform the model for digital interventions?

Listen to this recent DTx East 2021 panel discussion on Reshaping the Future of Clinical Trials for Digital Therapeutics with Kimberly Tableman, Castor’s Chief Clinical Development Officer, Athena Robinson, Woebot Health’s Chief Clinical Officer, and Mona Dean, Twill’s VP of Quality and Regulatory Affairs. They discuss:

  • The challenges we face with traditional clinical trials and digital therapeutics
  • Changes that can be made within the clinic to develop more efficient DTx trials
  • Insights into decentralized clinical trials and why many DTx companies are adopting this methodology
  • How decentralized clinical trials compare to traditional studies
  • The future of clinical trials for digital health interventions