In the first half of 2021, $14.7 Billion was raised by Digital Health startups, surpassing the total funding raised in 2020 within the industry. With such a massive injection of capital, digital therapeutics have the opportunity to accelerate their growth and truly establish themselves within healthcare. This panel, led by experts in the field, will dive into the intricacies of raising capital and the potential implications of injecting such huge capital into the space.

  • Why have we seen such an influx in funding and value within the digital therapeutics industry in 2021?
  • Is this influx a natural progression or has the global pandemic catalyzed the value of the industry?
  • What are the opportunities for digital therapeutics companies that come with this injection of value into the industry?
  • What are the potential implications for this rapid increase of value into the industry?
  • What steps can the industry take to ensure it continues on this upward trajectory?
  • What is the role of corporate venture capital vs institutional VCs?
  • An insight into funding and building the next generation of digital therapeutics companies 

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