It’s no secret that the state of our collective well‑being has suffered over the last several years. Between the pandemic, economic and social instability, a growing climate crisis, and any number of distressing world events, it’s unsurprising that mental health disorders like anxiety and depression are on the rise. But even while mental health challenges are becoming more common, stigmas around seeking treatment are still present.

World Mental Health Day is a time to raise awareness around mental illness and a call to action to make mental healthcare and support more accessible, affordable, and accepted by all. Recognizing the importance of caring for our mental well‑being in the same way we care for our physical wellness can help normalize mental health challenges and make it easier to get the help we all need and deserve.

Twill's content channel "The Upside" has thoughtfully curated a guide to help aid in the often complicated process of seeking out mental health support. 

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