In our latest white paper we explore the hidden costs of depression. Read the white paper to learn what we have uncovered and discover how Twill can provide solutions. 

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll find:

  • 40% of American adults report at least mild symptoms of depression, nearly half of which don't recognize these symptoms as depression.
  •  Recognized depressive symptoms are associated with an increased economic burden, but the burden is even greater for those with unrecognized symptoms, with 149% greater direct costs and 127% greater indirect costs compared to Americans with no symptoms.
  • Up to 43% of Americans with a major depressive disorder diagnosis do not have a claim for treatment one year after their diagnosis, which further increases the economic burden of anxiety.
  •  Twill solutions help to reduce symptoms of depression, and associated symptoms of anxiety that drive up costs even more, and help get people to care sooner - resulting in 320K in cost savings for every 100 engaged users.

Access the white paper here