Insider Exposé: How to Prepare for the Post-Covid Mental Health Epidemic

As the world emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, Twill has decided to begin publishing audio content that features interviews and insights from business leaders inside and outside of healthcare.

Our conversations will center around better ways to deliver health care, with an emphasis on mental health, at scale. As our library of content expands, we will curate our interviews on popular platforms, like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

For now, they’ll live here, on the Twill blog. We hope you enjoy Episode 1!


EPISODE 1 SUMMARY: Brendon Kelly, SVP of Healthcare Strategies at Twill, interviews Dr. Andy Sekel, Ph.D, Managing Partner at Marketplace Funds. Dr. Sekel discusses the opportunity that business leaders inside and outside of healthcare have to rethink their approach to behavioral health, and the role digital platforms can play. 

Dr. Sekel has been a practicing clinician; served on the board of many notable behavioral health companies, including Twill; and served as a senior executive healthcare companies. Most recently, he served as CEO for Optum Specialty Networks, overseeing behavioral health and clinical services. 


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