The holiday season often prompts reflection on gratitude, but at Twill, gratitude is not just a seasonal sentiment but a year-round practice deeply ingrained in our company culture. We believe in the power of gratitude to not only boost morale but also improve workplace efficiency and well-being.

How Gratitude Affects Workplace Mental Health

The act of expressing and receiving thanks positively impacts our mental and emotional well-being. At Twill, we've witnessed firsthand how incorporating gratitude into our workplace has contributed to building and sustaining long-term relationships with our teams.

Studies consistently show that cultivating gratitude in the workplace leads to better collaboration, increased job satisfaction, and enhanced productivity. When employees feel acknowledged and valued, they become more engaged and contribute to a thriving work culture.



Gratitude has such a powerful effect on well-being that it’s one of the 6 essential well-being skills included in our apps.

Twill’s Approach to Workplace Gratitude

For nearly a decade, Twill has prioritized gratitude as an integral part of our company meetings. One of our favorite and most long standing traditions is the Good Month Box, a practice initiated in 2014 by Tiffany Sun, our Chief Content Officer. Back then, when our company was a group of 10 based in NYC, we gathered once a month over lunch to enjoy each other’s company, savor our wins, and express gratitude.

The process was simple yet impactful. Each team member would jot down their gratitudes on post-it notes, drop them into the Good Month Box, and, during lunch, pass the box around. Everyone would pick a note at random, read it aloud, and share in the joy of each other's positive moments.

As we transitioned into a remote/hybrid work model and our company grew in size, we found a new virtual way to continue this monthly tradition. Now, our Good Month Box Zoom call, cherished by team members like Dakota Donovan, Director of Product Marketing, brings our dispersed team together to share gratitudes. “I love Twill’s Good Month Box calls because they always make me feel a bit lighter afterwards, and I’m more willing to extend gratitude to others throughout the rest of the day and week,” she says. 

How to Start Your Own Good Month Box

Adopting a Good Month Box in your organization is a straightforward yet impactful way to infuse gratitude into your workplace. Encourage anonymous submissions of gratitude, creating a safe space for team members to express their appreciation. During a monthly event, whether in-person or virtual, share these messages while maintaining anonymity. It’s a great way to build a culture of appreciation, strengthen morale, and encourage employee engagement.

Improve Company Culture through Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful tool in our personal and professional lives. We encourage you to explore and implement gratitude practices in your life and workplace to see how it can lead to a more positive state of mind. 

Let’s build a culture that celebrates the good, big and small moments that extends far beyond the holiday season.