Millions of Americans who were hired during the pandemic have never met their co-workers in-person.

That’s going to start changing soon, and it’s making people nervous.

On June 3, published three stories about reopening workplaces. published one, and FOX News featured two.

On the same day, the Washington Post had four (one was from the AP), and the Wall Street Journal had eleven.

With millions vaccinated and daily COVID death rates plummeting, companies and their employees are going to start returning to work.

For business leaders who manage programs for members, employees, or both, it’s not just enough to acknowledge that reopening will make some people uncomfortable.

Whether you’re responsible for a team of people, or you just want to be a good teammate, it’s important to think through the circumstances and feelings that could actually make others feel uneasy about going back to work.

Help is Here for the Caring Co-Worker                                                                              

Our team of behavioral health experts at The Upside did the hard work to create content aimed at helping any person, or manager of people, ease their own concerns—or the concerns of others— during the transition back to work.

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The two key concerns highlighted by our behavioral health team included the following:

  1. Appearance: For people who’ve never met co-workers, or whose appearance may have changed in the past year+, seeing people for the first time can create tremendous anxiety.
  2. Conversation Skills: The team identifies data, and insights from experts that confirms what we already know: Isolation can make you awkward. Awkward conversion can be hard under normal circumstances, but in this reopening scenario, they could be positively painful.

This insightful article, penned by the experts at The Upside, details out where these feelings are coming from, how to address them, and specific actions you can take to make reopening easier.

You can read the article here on The Upside.

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