In 2022, there is no longer a question around whether mental health solutions should be included in a benefits strategy. It took a pandemic to drive the point home, but we finally have reached a place where the majority of employers and health insurers believe that providing mental healthcare is essential and services available through traditional EAPs are not enough—people both want and expect more.

The conversation has shifted now to be about the solutions themselves: what kind and how many should you offer to ensure all the people in your care have access to what they need? How do you know which ones work and if your employees or members will want to use them? 

These are the right questions to be asking. And if you’re asking them, it means you understand that each individual’s needs, preferences, and circumstances are different and also likely to change. How do you accommodate everyone, at all times? 

We’ve been asking these questions since 2016 when we first began exploring how to offer our mental health and well-being platform to enterprise customers with diverse, and sometimes global, populations. We looked to Precision Care as a model, and came to believe that only by weaving together multiple care modalities and science-backed disciplines could we design a truly comprehensive and connected solution. A solution capable of assessing needs across the continuum of care, and delivering the right intervention at the right time.

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From these ideas, Intelligent Healing was born: our aspiration to give every person the care they need, when they need it, in the way they want. This is reflected in the solution we devised–the Sequence–which can be configured around any medical condition. Sequences see the whole person, and support the body and the mind throughout every stage of the care journey.

Sequence journey infographic

Improving health and well-being through the mechanism of behavior change is key to every Sequence, but Twill’s Mental Health Sequence provides more targeted support to help manage the symptoms of depression, lower stress and anxiety, and increase resilience. Depending on the client, it can include any or all of the following: 

  • A digital therapeutic, enhanced by clinician-trained AI, with self-guided programs, plus on-demand activities, meditations, and games 
  • A peer community focused on well-being, staffed by behavioral health experts
  • Virtual live coaching through a partnership with YourCoach Health
  • Telebehavioral health 
  • Integrations with existing third party offerings or EAPs

With Twill’s Mental Health Sequence, the sum is greater than the individual parts. By uniting digital tools and community with human-supported services, in a single, clinical-grade platform, we can reach more people and simplify the care experience. 

Right now, there is tremendous unmet need around mental health, and the gap between need and care has never been greater. Twill’s digital-first Mental Health Sequence can help narrow that gap, especially for those on waiting lists to see providers, living in areas where the clinician shortage is acute, or are for whatever reason unable to access in-person treatment. And it can lower costs through early screening and detection, so that people can receive care before their situation escalates to a crisis.

Download our white paper here, Intelligent Healing for Mental Health. 

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